Monday, November 19, 2012

Off Ramps

I left rehearsal around 1:15 a.m. Saturday morning and went to the hotel for what promised to be a very short night. An early call-time ahead, combined with my aching back would surely mean any amount of sleep at all would be a challenge. 

It was even more so than I imagined. 

Every time I started to drift off, I saw a very clear picture of an "off-ramp" in my head.  This happened at least a dozen times. It was never the same off-ramp, but rather different ramps parting from different roads. There were interstate highways, two lane highways, and country roads, but all with one thing in common. Every one had an off-ramp and I knew I was about to take it.   

And each time one appeared, I was startled awake. 

By the time I'd seen eight or so, I had to chuckle and tell God, "OK! I'm listening, but please explain so I can get some sleep!"   Eventually, I was able to doze off for a couple hours before the alarm sounded.

During breakfast that morning, I was talking to a cast-mate about the dreams/visions.  I feel they indicate that my life is about to take another course.  She agreed with me on that much of the interpretation, but had nothing further to offer on the matter. 

I've been milling it over, and two days later,  I still don't have a clue.  

Why the different roads?  

Why another off-ramp at this point in my life?  

Where do all these off ramps lead to?  

I know God doesn't give His children such visions without a reason for doing so.  I know the answer will come in His perfect timing.  

OK, God!  I am listening, and I'm ready for You to explain the mystery of the off ramp! 

Becky J. Taylor
Bold New Day! LLC


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