Sunday, August 22, 2010

There's A New Kid In Town

Welcome to the world Baby James Daniel Jackson!

My newest grandson arrived Friday, August 20, 2010 at 3:11 p.m. He weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs. 10 oz!

Here are some pictures of the "little" guy:

I've been with my daughters when each of the other grandchildren were born, but I missed Baby James' birth. Common sense mandates that I wait and go to Ohio after Angel gets out of the hospital when I can truly be of assistance to her. I found myself regretting allowing "common sense" to rule though, when Angel developed complications and had to be given general anesthetic for a C-section.

I paced the driveway, phone in hand, waiting for updates from my niece who was there at the hospital in Ohio.

I shouted angrily when I heard how immature everyone was acting in the waiting room 500 miles away. (It happens every time)

I cried when I thought about how scared my daughter must have been when they told her they were going to need to put her under for the C-section.

Then I forgot about it all and smiled when the first photo of my new grandson finally arrived on my telephone screen.

He's perfect!

And I am in love ... again.

"Mamaw" Becky Taylor
August 22,2010

Isn't it Ironic?

My 50th birthday has come and gone.

"50th birthday?"

Funny you should ask, because if it hadn't been my own birthday I probably wouldn't have noticed either. You'd think after all the blatant hinting I've done (ie: my "Pushing Fifty" blog that's been running for the last two years) someone might have planned something to acknowledge the milestone.

But no.

I'd already made the necessary adjustments, knowing there'd be no family trip to Mexico. I'd made peace with the unfortunate timing of our lack of finances. I knew that neither David Tutera or Wendy Williams would be coming to my rescue. I was, however, naive enough to think there'd still be some kind of fun surprise awaiting me on Friday, August 13th.

There was indeed one very big surprise, that being the fact there was NO birthday celebration planned at all, much less a "50th" birthday celebration.

My husband (bless his heart) decided at the last minute to invite another couple to go to dinner with us but they weren't available. Late Friday afternoon he informed me that his "plans" had fallen through. Our friends couldn't go out with us after all, so he wanted to know if I'd like him to call another couple and invite them to meet us somewhere for dinner instead.

I was so stunned, I wondered if he were tricking me somehow. I know him too well though. He's not that good at pulling off such stunts.

I'm not ashamed to admit I freaked out when the reality set in.

Not only was I not having a fabulous 50th birthday bash, we weren't doing anything at all. NOT A THING!

I told him to forget dinner altogether, I wasn't hungry. He didn't understand why we couldn't go out to eat anyway "just because no one was available" to go with us.

Either I am a very poor communicator or he is a very poor listener because I thought I'd made myself very clear. It's almost embarrassing to talk about the anticlimactic ending to the day I'd been raving about for months.

In fairness, all was not lost as far as the basic "birthday" goes. I got several great phone calls that day from my family and a couple friends. My facebook page was over-run with birthday wishes. Walt also bought me a new "Flip" camera which I'd asked for. He gave it to me a day ahead of time. Silly me! I thought he was giving it to me early so I'd have it to take pictures at my party. You know ... the party that never happened!

No big dinner with all our friends. None of those hideous black balloons or "over the hill" jokes. No funny cards jaunting me about my age, and there are definitely no pictures to record the non-event.

It was just another birthday...only with less pomp and circumstance than I've been treated with on my other birthdays.

In retrospect, my life has become quite ironic in that way. The winds of fate have shifted and suddenly nothing goes as I expect anymore.

Whatever. It is what it is. Life goes on. (Insert any other appropriate cliche' here)

Happy Belated 50th Birthday to me!

Monday, August 2, 2010


There's very little in my life I have control over at the moment, so I've decided to exert my energy only on those things I do have some say in.

As of sometime during the middle of another sleepless night last night (largely due to the fact I couldn't control my dog's barking ... again) I made a decision to step down from everything for a while.

I sent a notice to my "free" coaching group advising them of my hiatus. For a yet to be determined period of time I am going to focus on getting myself to a better place emotionally, tending to my family, and possibly writing (but only if I really feel inspired to do so.)

I guess you might say I'm taking a "Mental Health break" from the "job". You know, those days you call in sick when you're not physically ill at all? Only in this case I am the boss so I don't have to feel guilty.

So, my first birthday gift to myself is time off. Although, I must say "time off" is a very relative term in this case. August will be a busy month, but mostly busy in a GOOD way.

My newest grandchild is set to arrive any day now. I've been needing to price some things and hold a yard sale so I can make money to publish my book. For that matter, I need to get my book finished so it can be published. I need to re-connect with my purpose, just as I coach my clients to do.

In a nutshell (what an appropriate phrase for my current state!) I need to do whatever it takes to carry some measure of sanity into my fifties.

That said, I am off to "find myself." Please leave the porch light on for me. I may be out pretty late.

Becky Taylor
August 2, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Book It, Dan-O!

I don't usually talk about the book I'm attempting to write here on this "fun" blog, however, the lines between "fun" and "serious" have been very blurred lately. Even my newly purchased reading glasses have failed to remedy the situation. Hopefully that is only temporary and things will clear up soon. (Everything in life is temporary, right?)

I started writing a book a few months back. From what I've heard, books take a while to write so a "few months" isn't really all that long. The problem is, I haven't written a single word in weeks. My inspiration disappeared somewhere in the haze of issues the summer of 2010 has presented.

The central theme of my life right now is I NEED TO GET AWAY!

Being as ADD as I am, I can't hold on to a thought much less string several thoughts together long enough to finish a book (shoot! Make that a chapter) when I'm constantly being interrupted by the barking dog, the ding-ing washing machine, and legal notices from an annoying ex who, for reasons I may never understand, took it upon himself to put the last nail in my Summer 2010 coffin.

I need to go somewhere quiet and inspirational. Somewhere I can go to bed when I want, sleep as long as I want, and write as long as the thoughts keep flowing. Someplace the phone doesn't ring and no teenagers need a ride to the mall immediately!

I also need to go someplace fun and exciting ... or at least where I have the "fun and exciting" option available to me. I need an ocean breeze and the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline. I need to go horseback riding,zip-lining, and yachting ... and spend hours on end just staring at the ocean if that's what I want!I need someone to cook my meals and make my bed for me while I'm busy doing all of the above.

I also need these two scenarios NOT to take place at the same time.

Ideally, I would throw my things in a bag and leave TOMORROW, then spend the next couple weeks working on my book, the deadline being my fiftieth birthday (which is FRIDAY AUGUST 13th in case I've not mentioned it lately)

In a perfect world, I'd put the finishing touches on my masterpiece on Thursday, August 12th, then smile as I close the computer and sit back and celebrate by watching the sun go down over Banderas bay.

Ahh! Lovely thought, isn't it?

On Friday August 13th, I'd wake up with the sunrise (or by noon - whatever!) and flip the "I finished my book AND turned fifty" party switch! The festivities would begin ... and not stop until I say so (because it's MY PARTY!)

And when I do decide the party's over, I'll move on to the next phase of my life. The "latter" years, which I am determined to make better than the first fifty.

It's a pretty tall order. You don't have to tell me, I already know.

Given my current frame of mind, I might just DO IT! Book the darn retreat and get on the plane. Miss the pesky court date (without bothering to tell anyone ... so they'll show up anyway *snicker*) and go away for a while.

Don't worry, I'll come back with my newly finished book ready to go to the publisher and a whole new attitude and outlook on life.

And that's something we would all benefit from right now, isn't it?

Becky Taylor
August 1, 2010