Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moments of Expectation and God-Incidence (and a Little Fun!)

"One moment of expectation in the presence of God can change your life." 
(Bishop John Wesley Pace, II)

I was sitting at dinner the other night listening to Walt and Pastor Odai talk about Pastor's schedule while he's in the states.  Without even thinking, really, I interjected "I wonder if John Pace (my friend and former "stage husband") would be able to get an interview on Atlanta Live for Pastor Odai while he's here?"

A few text messages and 24 hours later, he was scheduled to appear on the show. We randomly chose Tuesday night from the list of dates we were given.

I drove Pastor Odai to the studio last night to be interviewed and introduced him to John, who was hosting the show. As it turns out, John is going to be in Ghana next May. Pastor Odai offered his guest house to him while he's there.

Speaking of "small worlds", While at the studio, I ran into Jason Bare, extraordinary singer/songwriter, and good friend of my niece  Felicia Barton.  Jason lives in Virginia Beach and Felicia lives in Nashville.  I've never met Jason but recognized him from hearing Felicia talk about him.  Who would've thought I'd run into him in Atlanta?  What a fun moment that was!

Although I've heard Pastor Odai speak many times, his message during this interview was particularly electrifying.  There was a tangible anointing in the waiting room where I sat, watching the show.  I sure didn't expect that!

As I finished watching the second half of the show at home (thanks to Mr. Taylor who recorded it for me) it was as if Bishop Pace were talking directly to me.  He spoke about expectations (or lack thereof)  Little did he know that I'd all but given up on "expecting" anything.  My faith has been at an all time low over the last couple years. I've been asking God to increase my faith and help my unbelief.  Bishop Pace's message spoke directly to the emotional/spiritual conflicts I've been dealing with lately.  

Excerpt:   "You've buried some things that you had expectation for.  That dream, that goal, that vision you thought was dead has just been in a comatose state.  It has just been asleep.  God is about to speak a Word into that dead thing in your life.  He is going to cause it to rise.  There is a resurrection that's about to happen to the deadest goal, the deadest dream, the deadest aspiration you have ever buried in your life. Get your shovel and start digging up every dream you've ever buried. If you sow your seed of expectation in the presence of Jesus, you will receive your harvest by touching the hem of his garment. I am here to prophesy to you that your dead thing is in a season that it's about to breath life. God will come to you and say "Fear not, because you're about to LIVE.  I'm about to breathe life into your situation."  Your seed of expectation will  change the moment that you are standing in.  Expect God to do for you what you have never expected Him to do in your life!"  

Alright, so I know the message was not for me alone.  I'm sure there are others it was targeted to as well. That's why I am sharing it today.

God never ceases to amaze me.  I went to the studio last night with no expectations to speak of.  I ended up seeing my friend/former cast mate, John.   I also got to meet Jason Bare and we had a great time laughing about the "irony" of it all.   I called Walt on the way home and asked him to be sure and keep recording the rest of the show, because I wanted to hear Jason's songs and interview.  I certainly didn't expect to receive the anointed Word I was given by, of all people, my friend John.

It was a good day. I've been needing one of those.  I went to bed feeling more encouraged than I've felt in ages.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find my shovel.  According to God (via Bishop John Wesley Pace II) I've got some digging to do!

Becky Taylor

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