Monday, July 25, 2011

This Changing Life of Mine ...

It's been a while since I blogged. Why I decided to sit down and write this morning is a mystery yet to be solved. I suddenly felt the urge ... so here I am.

When I last wrote, I'd begun my journey into the world of theater and film. That has become my focus of recent months. I'm attending classes every week and combing through audition notices each day in search of opportunities. It's still more of an expensive hobby than a career, but I am having fun. God knows I needed some FUN in my life!

In order to bring in a little money, I managed to land a part time job back in the medical field ... sort of. By "sort of" I mean I'll be running urine drug screens all day, a position that requires my ASCP certification and college degree, one day a week.

From what I can tell, it will be a very mundane job. The room I'll be working in literally looks like it was derived from an old closet and sits way back in the corner of a doctors office. No windows, no radio, nothing on the walls. I'll also be making less per hour than I was making at the lab in Ohio seven years ago, but granted, my duties will not be nearly as complicated (or important.)

Haha! I sound very excited about it, don't I? Well, I am excited about earning a little money to support my new "habit" I am not excited about the job itself, or the one hour drive to and from it.

You win some, you lose some. Oh well!

On to happier things.

I'm currently working on two feature films. One called "The Industry" and another called "When Love Was Simple" The movies, and the characters I play, couldn't be more opposite. I play a nice Christian housewife, perhaps slightly overly indulged mother in one ... and a mean spirited, trash talking, conniving business woman in the other. I am stretching myself artistically and that feels good.

Here are some pics from the set of "The Industry"

Hair ...
"Acting" like I'm eating breakfast. Fried eggs ... and quiche. I'm a natural, huh? lol

"Working" in my robe and pj's ... what's not to love about this "job?"
Just after we wrapped the last scene. I'd just hit my co-star, Ryan Felton, in the face with a pillow. Too bad the camera didn't catch it on impact.

I'd write more, but this post is already getting too long. There'll be more later. I'll try not to wait three months next time.

Until then ...
Becky J. Taylor

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