Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh, the RUSH!

Mr. Taylor and "Mrs. Swanson" after the show

I took the stage as "Mrs. Swanson" in TY Martin's "The Color of My Skin" Sunday evening. It was a total blast and I got a lot of great compliments on my work, including some from a lady who does stage productions in South Ga. who sat next to my daughter in the audience. She couldn't believe it was my first time on a "big" stage. She told me afterwards that I was a natural and my timing was perfect (among other things but I'll stop here just so my head doesn't swell any further.)

What a rush!

I really needed it to go well. I've been way overdue for some FUN, and that was about as much fun as anyone could ask for.

Of course, it wasn't exactly perfect. One of my favorite scenes, and a lot of my lines from yet another, got cut because the show was running too long. Foregoing any measure of self-respect, I shamelessly begged and pouted to the director to not cut my part, but it was to no avail. I suppose that's how it goes with live productions.

I am definitely going to keep doing this! I've already accepted a role in a trade-show commercial and will be taping that next week. I'm also looking forward to working in the next TY Martin production, "Diva-rella" After that, who knows what might happen!

Here are some pictures to illustrate the experience from the audition to the "wrap"

Cast Photo Shoot

Networking Event

(by Deborah Johnson Damron-Crossfire Photography)

Networking at Cafe 290

Stylist Sandy Hudson transforming me into Mrs. Swanson

Here come the fans!

My kids sent this picture to me to ease my nerves before the show.
It worked!

My family came in from TN, OH, and North GA just to support me. I love them!

Special thanks to TY Martin and the cast of "The Color of My Skin" for making this an unforgettable experience ... and to my family and friends for being there for me when I needed them most!

... to be continued (because I'm having way to much fun to stop now!)

God bless!
Becky Taylor

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Anonymous said...

great to see that it went great! I'm glad. Just dont forget us little guys when you become famous and star in your first movie :)

Becky Taylor said...

no worries Lyn! I could never forget my REAL friends. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you Mr. Taylor and "Mrs. Swanson"
Great news too ...

dr. Sajid Sharif Atiya سجاد الشمري