Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Buckshot - A Dog's Tale

One year ago today, I stopped by the Humane Society to have a look at the dogs.  I was toying with the idea of getting one for my husband for Christmas.

There, I met "Buckshot" for the first time.  What a handsome fella he was! 

He was friendly too, and seemed well mannered (for a rescue dog)

My son and I played with the dog for a few minutes, then I asked the volunteer some questions and he went to retrieve Buck's file.   The volunteer came back with "good news/bad news" Buck was technically still available, but there were already two applications in for him.  Both applications were in the process of being approved (or denied) I was invited to fill one out and add it to the list "just in case"  Then, even though the chances of being allowed to adopt Buck were slim, the application would remain on file and we wouldn't have to go through the approval process when another dog we liked became available. 

I filled one out, but because of Buck's obvious popularity, I didn't think for a minute he would ever be our dog.  

The volunteer took Buck back to his kennel while I filled out paperwork that seemed more like I was trying to adopt a child than rescue a canine!

The lady behind the desk smiled and took the clipboard from me.  Then, I overheard her making a phone call to the vet who'd cared for our last dog, who'd passed at the age of 13 a year and a half before. She was checking our references already!  I didn't know whether to be excited, or scared!

She hung up the phone, then told me I could send my son back to get the dog while I paid his adoption fees.

That's when Buck officially became "ours" 

Back at the house, he sought out our bed and bid us good-night promptly at 8:30!  

He knew he was "home!"

It's been quite a year since Buck joined the family!  He's been a very busy boy!

 Walt wasn't fully convinced at first, but eventually, he was smitten.

Buck went to visit Grand-mom in south Georgia the weekend after he joined our family. 
(He only threw up twice!)
Then, he traveled all the way to Ohio and met his cousin, Heidi. 

Buck loves all God's creatures!

Especially "his" cat, Elly-Mae (also a rescue)

And everyone loves Buck! We're so glad he chose US!

"Buckshot (Buck) Taylor"
Joined the family 12/5/2011

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